Moisteriser and Deodorant Making

-36.8997236, 174.8508709

Hub Zero, 4 Ireland Rd, Panmure

3pm - 5pm
We're keen to share our skills and knowledge about how to create simple personal hygiene products that everyone uses. We'll grab the ingredients, so all you need to do is bring a jar to take some home. And don't worry, we'll even share the recipes for you to keep making as well!

Please do make sure that you let Tara know that you'll be coming though - so we have enough ingredients to go around - Call, Text or email: 022 589 6604 or

Come to the big Panmure round about and turn down Ireland Rd, then come into the DNA Car Yard driveway and head down until you see us!

If you can, please park on either Ireland Rd, Cleary Rd, or in the public carpark on Lagoon Drive near by.