Silent Disco Citywalk

-36.8759996, 174.6248534

Countdown Store, 76 Quay Street

Silent Disco Citywalk hits Auckland streets, parks, car parks, exciting public spaces and city objects. It is an energetic outdoor multi-sensory experience that gives a new perspective on the city. Thanks to headphones and pre-recorded entertainment programme that everyone hears at the same time, the walk unites diverse people, encourages them to be free, play games, explore the city, practice dance moves, share laughs & good vibes.
No dance experience or desire is required.
Toddlers, kids from 5+ years old are welcome.
Rain or shine event thanks Blunt Umbrellas that accompany our adventure.

The ticket cost is $25 per ticket and includes a one-way train ticket.
Spaces are limited, so tickets MUST be purchased online prior to the event.
Click here to purchase the tickets online:…

Our winter-spring route is called Winterlude. The main theme is inspired by "Black Mirror" TV Series and movie "Her".
90 minutes that lift you up, inspire your senses. Winterlude will take you from Britomart to Newmarket that also means hopping on a train. The event ticket includes the one-way train ticket.
We'll give you Silent Disco headphones and take you on a music walk around the city. Everyone in a group will hear the same pre-recorded playlist that includes cool kiwi and international songs, entertainment programme that will make you feel good, free and leave inspired.
Our easy-going, professional and friendly crew will look after you before, during and after the event. We have a 15-minute briefing before each event that includes health & safety instructions and gives you an overview of how you can enjoy Winterlude to the max.
Our key partner is Audio Vault Events

The meeting point is inside of the Countdown Store located at 76 Quay Street.
The walking interactive route is taking people from Britomart to Newmarket and includes a one-way trip on the train. The final destination will be in Newmarket. So please be mindful of that fact.