Upcycling Extravaganza!

-36.8997236, 174.8508709

Hub Zero, 4 Ireland Rd, Panmure

3pm - 5pm
Hub Zero is alllll about upcycling! And we want you to come and join in the fun! We have some things that can be used to upcycle, but please do bring your own materials as well, so you're not disappointed if we get inundated with heaps of creators - you can even bring things to donate to our space for the future!

The key to upcycling is to plan, so have a think beforehand about what you would like to create and if you want, give us a call or text to share your thinking. Tara - 022 589 6604 or tara@rakautautoko.com.

Come to the big Panmure round about and turn down Ireland Rd, then come into the DNA Car Yard driveway and head down until you see us!

If you can, please park on either Ireland Rd, Cleary Rd, or in the public carpark on Lagoon Drive near by.