Register for an account here.  You can choose one of four roles:

Place Leader, Team Member, Supporter, Observer.  Only Place Leaders can create activations. If you registered in one role and want to change, contact us to have that done.

Registration is very quick and simple and there is no email validation required - we have other means to keep spammers at bay. 

Registration is useful even if you aren't a Place Leader - we will in time be adding features for different roles, plus you have an easier pathway to commenting on Activation pages.

Logging back in

There are links in the header and the footer, or just go here.

Creating Activations

Once you've registered as a Place Leader, you'll have access to a panel with links and a Create Activation button, which appears on the home and user pages as long as you're logged in.

We're here to help your placemaking efforts be found. So geomapping your event is important.

We've made this very simple on the Activation creation form. Allowing to know your location, when it asks, is not essential but will help your map default from a useful location, and autocomplete to useful locations. Just start typing your place name in the field on the map.  If it hasn't auto-completed satisfactorily, end with a comma and suburb.  If it's still not autocompleting correctly, add "Auckland".

Your submitted Activation will be moderated so it may be some hours before your Activation appears on the Activations page.  

If, for any reason, you're having trouble creating your Activation online, contact the team with details and we'll call back and make it happen for you.  

Re-accessing Activations

Your created activation will appear in your panel, and when approved can be accessed via the Activations page map. Once we've approved and published your activation you can update content on your Activation page via an edit tab. No further moderation or approval will be required.

Placemaking conversation

The comments section on your Activation page is available for you to collaborate with your team and other interested parties.  As with the Activations themselves, it's very easy to initiate conversation without barriers.

Place Leaders

Info on support and kits is here.

This site

The first placemaking week is the beginning of what we hope will be a growing network of placemakers in Tamaki Makaurau, and beyond across Aoteroa. If you have thoughts on how we can improve the site, in this or the next iteration, please let us know.