Info for place leaders

The inaugural Auckland Placemaking Week will be held from Friday 12th October through Friday 19th October. During the week beginning 15th October, there will be a series of community-led activations across Auckland, showcasing and adding to the great work that can happen and is currently happening as well as helping to build a community of placemakers across the city who want to make Auckland a better place to live.

To help support this, a team from The Open Fort, Catalyse and Fresh Concept are creating a set of Community Placemaking Game Kits to help inspire, inform, guide and support community groups to create a placemaking activation to be installed during Placemaking Week

We’d love you to join in!

We are currently looking for individuals and groups to act as ‘Place Leaders’ who would be interested in receiving a kit and participating. What we offer is:

  • To send you a physical kit to use as you develop your activation. Kits are currently being developed and will have prompts, processes, suggestions, materials, resources and information to help you devise and install your activation

  • Access to an online and face to face community through a closed Facebook Group, an e-update, a Kick Off event, a weekend Skills-Sharing Jam and practical assistance through the building of a community of placemakers

Joining the Facebook Group is by invitation - let us know you are interested in principle and we’ll add you! The Kick Off session will bring all those who have received kits and other interested parties together to hear about the plans for the week overall as well as from each other. The weekend Skills Sharing Jam will offer the opportunity to develop skills together through group discussion and short workshops to ensure we all have the abilities we need to create our activation well.

Key dates:

  • 3rd September - All Place Leaders confirmed in a welcome email, including confirmation of the location you will be working in.  Also includes invitation to the Facebook Group

  • 17th September - All kits are delivered to the Place Leaders, your research and design begins in earnest!

  • 27th September - Kick-off welcome session for all Place Leaders and their teams

  • 30th September - Weekend Jam skills sharing session for all Place Leaders and their teams

  • 15th October - All activations are installed and go live!

What we need from you is:

  • A commitment as a ‘Place Leader’ to be responsible for working with others to develop and install an activation in a location of your choosing across Auckland

  • The willingness to share your kit with other locals who express interest so they can do their own activation

If you would like to be part of this, please register here.

If you have any questions, you can reach Greer Juul Rasmussen at

NOTE: There are a limited number of kits available. The organisers reserve the right to decide which groups receive kits. This is to ensure a demographic and geographic spread of activations and to work within our capacity. No correspondence will be entered into regarding this decision. All those who express interest will receive notification by 3rd September.